EAGLES EXTRAS: Uh, thanks?

Nov. 21, 2013 @ 08:45 PM

So there I was walking through PNC Arena in Raleigh the other night after N.C. Central got that signature 82-72 overtime win against N.C. State when folks just kept congratulating me.

I was with Sports Shop radio host Erroll Reese, and those same PNC Arena people were giving him props, too.

Now, Reese is a darker-skinned black guy like NCCU big man Karamo Jawara, and I guess my tan is more like Eagles guard Jeremy Ingram's.

Of course, I can’t shoot the basketball like Ingram, and Reese isn’t as good in the post as Jawara.

But what was happening was a phenomenon that makes it clear that we’re not colorblind here in America, because those nice PNC Arena people who kept showing love to Reese and me assumed that we were affiliated with the contingent from the historically black university that had come from Durham and handled its business.

The whole thing was harmless. You can’t hate on that. But it demonstrates — again, as innocuous as that was — that we’re not living in a post-racial society.

We see color. It is what it is.