Boxer's past shaped "The Future"

Aug. 12, 2014 @ 09:18 AM

The Bull City has produced professional football and basketball players, and Megan Hodge even put Durham on the world map in volleyball.

But here comes pro boxer Antoine “The Future” Alston, getting ready to put up his dukes on Halloween in Fayetteville. He said he doesn't know who his opponent will be, just that whoever is in the ring is going to get it.

Which is something he's always done —  fighting. But the hands he was throwing years ago were outside of the ring, out there in the streets, where that sort of thing got him in trouble.

“I turned it into something positive,” Alston said. “The fight game was something I loved to do when I was coming up. I used to love to fight. My father was telling me why not make money and turn it into a career.”

Alston, who attended Southern and Hillside high schools, said he is 6-5 as a pro boxer. Five of those six wins were knockouts, he said.

“He's shown no matter where you come from, if you believe, you can turn your life around,” said Albert “Banky” Eubanks, Alston's road manager.

Eubanks said Alston recently hosted a free cookout in Durham to thank his supporters. Alston paid for it with his winnings from a fight, basically giving back the purse he earned by handling business in the ring, Eubanks said.

Alston, 26, is a super featherweight at 5 feet 4 inches tall who weighs less than 130 pounds when he fights. He has a Nov. 15 bout in Durham.

Brian Murphy also manages Alston, who connects with fans on Facebook and Instagram.