Vacancies available on Durham County boards

Jun. 14, 2013 @ 06:33 PM

The Durham Board of County Commissioners solicits applicants to fill positions on the following citizen boards and commissions:

-- Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee (7 at-large positions)

This committee’s primary function is to maintain the rights of residents living in adult care homes including assisted living facilities and family care homes. They serve as the link between the community and the homes, seeking to increase community involvement and, at the same time, promoting community education and awareness of the needs of the residents in these homes.

-- Alcohol Beverage Control Board (2 at-large positions)

The ABC Board controls the operation and management of the ABC stores and performs any other activities authorized or required by ABC Law

-- Board of Adjustment (1 citizen position – alternate; must live outside city limits)

The board holds quasi-judicial public hearings to determine requests by property owners in the City and County of Durham for minor and custodial care special use permits, variances and appeals of administrative interpretations or decision, as authorized by State law and local ordinance

-- Boxing and Wrestling Commission (3 at-large positions)

This commission supervises boxing and wrestling events in Durham County. The Boxing and Wrestling Commission seeks to promote public trust in the conduct of these sports and the administration the rules and regulations governing them.

-- Citizen’s Advisory Committee (1 at-large position)

This committee works to facilitate citizen participation in the planning and implementation of the Durham Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG). The CDBG program works to ensure decent affordable housing, to provide services to the most vulnerable in our communities, and to create jobs through the expansion and retention of businesses

-- Durham Convention Center Authority (1 at-large position)

This authority is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Durham Convention Center. The authority employs independent contractors, determines rates for facility use, formulates policies and procedures for the operation and use of the facility, administers, oversees and evaluates the performance of the management company and other contractors or any contracts pertaining to the operation, management or maintenance of the facility

-- Durham Planning Commission (1 Lebanon Township position)

The commission reviews recommended plans, policies and reports of the professional planning staff and makes recommendations concerning them to the governing bodies, including rezoning and zoning ordinance changes.

-- Environmental Affairs Board (2 Positions - 1 air resources and 1 engineer)

This board provides the City and County with expert and comprehensive advice on various environmental matters. It is also a mechanism for facilitating communication between the public and local government leaders.

-- EMS Council (6 positions - 1 New Hope VFD; 1 Parkwood VFD; 1 City of Durham Fire Department; 1 Durham County Sheriff’s Department; 1 Durham Emergency Operations Center and 1 N.C. Highway Patrol)

The council assists in the planning, development and implementation of a County Emergency Medical Services System in the geographical area covered by the EMS System and the Council.

-- Farmland Protection Advisory Board (5 Positions - 1 Business Representative; 1 Oak Grove Township; 1 Cape Fear VAD; 1 Flat River VAD; 1 Little River VAD)

The board works with farmers, the community, government entities, agencies and other resources to identify and implement strategies for preservation and enhancement of the farming community by protecting land and soils for future generations.  

-- Jury Commission (1 at-large position)

The commission is responsible for the compilation of jury lists and the selection of jurors for the courts.

-- Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (4 Positions - 3 at-large and 1 juvenile defense attorney position)

The council reviews the needs of Durham juveniles who are at risk of delinquency or who have been adjudicated, undisciplined, or delinquent, and reviews and evaluate the resources available to address those needs.

-- Library Board of Trustees (3 at-large positions)

This board is the governing administration of the Durham Public Library System.

-- Public Health Board (1 engineer position)

The board formulates policies and procedures for the Durham County Department of Public Health.

-- Women’s Commission (4 Positions - 1 at-large position; 3 at-large positions)

This commission assesses women's needs, educates the public concerning those needs and provides technical assistance and consultation to women on an individual and/or group basis.

-- Workforce Development Board (3 private-sector positions)

The purpose of the board is to facilitate, plan and coordinate workforce development resources to maximize the efforts of government, business, and education.

Application process

For all these vacancies, deadline for receipt of applications is 5 p.m., July 5. Property tax listing must be current.  County and City taxes must not reflect any delinquencies  before an application is considered.  Appointments will be considered by the County Commissioners July 29 at 7 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, second floor, Durham County Government

Administrative Complex, 200 East Main Street.

For applications or additional information, please contact the Clerk to the Board’s Office at 560-0025.  Website: