N.C. NAACP college division will kick off tour Monday

Sep. 12, 2013 @ 03:01 PM

The North Carolina NAACP announced Thursday that its youth and college division will begin a college campus tour across North Carolina after this upcoming Moral Monday.

The Rev. Dr. William Barber, head of the N.C. NAACP, said the tour will focus on the voting laws that were passed and signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory Aug. 12.

The controversial law, which was crafted to combat voter fraud, would create obstacles for more than 20,000 North Carolina students who want to participate in the political process, according to a Duke and UNC student government partnership as well as NCCU student leaders.

Students say the most negative portions of the bill would cut early voting by a week, put an end to same-day registration and preregistration for 16 and 17-year-olds, and restrict the use of college student IDs to vote.

Tour dates and campus locations will be announced soon.

"A lot of students that are enrolled in classes at these institutions are not all from North Carolina," said Whitney Threatt from NCCU during the conference call Thursday. "This means they’ll have to get a North Carolina ID."

Barber said the McCrory administration turned a "deaf ear toward students" as college students continue to try and meet with him and his administration to discuss the disadvantages that come with the new voter ID law.

"They will not be silenced, and their impact, their influence, will not be stifled," Barber said.