N.C. Central's blue emergency lights

Jul. 16, 2013 @ 03:05 PM

During the most recent N.C. Central Board of Trustees meeting June 26, a concern was raised about the blue light emergency phones scattered around campus.

The lights have a button that can be pushed when students notice something suspicious on campus or are accosted, and emergency communications are immediately notified.

NCCU Student Government Association President Stefan Weathers said students have said when some of the emergency buttons have been pushed, the blue lights don't flash or work.

John Smith, NCCU's chief information officer, told The Herald-Sun that there has never been a time when the blue light phones were inoperable. There are 77 blue emergency lights located on NCCU campus, with 20 alone located in the Latham Parking Deck.

Even if the blue light doesn't flash, Smith said, the signal is still transmitted to emergency communications. Campus police monitor the operability of the phones during their routine patrols.

More than half of the phones are new, Smith added, and NCCU is currently replacing the older phones as they experience wear and tear.