NCCU minister shares poem inspired by Sept. 11

Sep. 14, 2013 @ 03:45 PM
During NCCU's Sept. 11 remembrance ceremony on Wednesday, Minister Rhonda Royal Hatton, the campus Evangelical Lutheran minister, stepped up to the lectern and read a poem she wrote to honor those affected by the terrorist attacks 12 years ago.
Hatton shared the personal poem with us this week:
On Angel's Wings
Written In Honor of those fallen in 911
Fire! A blackened sky. Smoke rises!
Announcing His children's arrival
Our eyes burned...with tears
Of anger, confusion, frustration
Panic stricken, We ran to save you
To pull you from your concrete tombs
We couldn't reach you
You were gone...Aflight
Angels had preceded us
Carried you upon their Wings
A celestial army in flight that day
Delivering those precious ones of God
Through gates of Pearl
Past streets of Gold
To the arms of the One who loves you so
Our precious jewels, We'll miss you dear
But in our hearts you're always near
Tears stain our faces, yes...that's true
But we cry for us, not only for you
Because we know that you are safe
In the loving arms of the Master's grace
Peace and joy throughout Heaven rings
For you soldiers...on that day
We know that Angels carried you upon their Wings