Full Frame announces works for thematic programs, advocacy awards

Feb. 28, 2013 @ 03:49 PM

The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival will honor three Americans who have impacted the art, issues and business of documentary filmmaking at its 16th annual festival April 4-7.

Full Frame will pay tribute to Jessica Yu’s film work, and has selected Amir Bar-Lev to curate the Thematic Program. The festival also will honor A&E IndieFilm’s Vice President Molly Thompson with the Advocate Award.

The Full Frame Tribute will present a retrospective of  Yu’s work. Yu is a director of both documentaries and scripted work. She will premiere her new documentary, “The Guide” at this year’s festival.

Featured selections in the Full Frame 2013 retrospective include: “Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O’Brien,” “The Kinda Sutra,” “In the Realms of the Unreal,”

“Last Call at the Oasis,” “Meet Mr. Toilet,” “Protagonist” and other films.

Curated by Bar-Lev, the  Thematic Program, “Stories About Stories,” examines the intersections of truth and perspective through a series of films.

Amir Bar-Lev directed the documentary films “Fighter” (2001), “My Kid Could Paint That” (2007) and “The Tillman Story” (2010). He co-produced the documentary “Trouble The Water” (2008), which won the 2008 Full Frame Grand Jury Award and was a 2009 Academy Award Nominee. Bar-Lev is directing “Happy Valley,” a film about the Penn State scandal. Bar-Lev served on the Full Frame Grand Jury in 2011.

Films in this program include “Driving Me Crazy” by Nick Broomfield; “F for Fake” by  Orson Welles; “Forbidden Lie$” by Anna Broinowski; “A Man Vanishes” by Shôhei Imamura and other films.

Under Advocate Award honoree Thompson’s guidance, A&E IndieFilms’ productions include the Oscar-nominated, Sundance Award-winner “Murderball,” the Oscar-nominated “Jesus Camp” and the Emmy Award-winners “The Tillman Story” and “Under African Skies.” 

Thompson produced the division’s original productions including: “My Kid Could Paint That,” “American Teen,” “The September Issue,” “The Tillman Story” and “Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer.”  Thompson’s latest film for A&E IndieFilms, “The Imposter” was shortlisted for Best Documentary Feature in the 2012 Academy Awards. It was also nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 2012 Critic’s Choice Movie Awards and received two nominations for the 2013 EE British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) – Best Documentary and Outstanding Debut.  Thompson is a member of the Full Frame Advisory Board.

The 16th Annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival will be April 4-7 in Durham with Duke University as the presenting sponsor. The complete schedule of films will be announced March 14th. Festival Passes are on sale now and can be purchased online at http://www.fullframefest.org. Tickets go on sale March 25th.