The Ten Tenors tour coming to DPAC

Mar. 13, 2014 @ 10:09 AM

Last Friday, The Ten Tenors sang “New York, New York” on NBC’s the “Today Show,” and indeed, they’ve made it there and everywhere. The Australian opera singers are on tour singing Broadway songs, and will perform March 20 at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

Tenor Paul Gelsumini spoke with The Herald-Sun on Tuesday from Oklahoma, where they had a performance that night. After the “Today Show” aired, they spent two hours being photographed around New York City in their suits, which was cold, he said, but they did get to see the sights. It’s often a new city each night for the tour, so they fit in fun where they can, like in Las Vegas, Gelsumini said. He has been on tour with the Tenors in Europe and New Zealand, and this is his first big U.S. tour. He has also performed at special concerts in Sydney, Australia, New York City and the European soccer tournament’s fun zone in Warsaw, Poland.
“It’s a great job. It’s exciting,” Gelsumini said, always with something new.
He has been in The Ten Tenors for three years. Other men have been in it four or five years, and some just started.
“When there’s a new lineup, there’s a grace period for a couple of weeks as you get to know each other off stage. The new boys fit in,” he said.
“The sound of the group does change with new voices and personalities,” Gelsumini said, but it “keeps the flavor.”
In addition to being a Tenor, he is the tour music coordinator, so he decides who sings what. Singers can have a diva personality, he said, but during auditions they have a chat about being a team player. The Ten Tenors get along well.
“It is 10 people at the front. We do have fun on stage. … People say, ‘You seem to all be friends.’ You can’t fake that, really,” Gelsumini said.
He said having 10 of them works really well musically, too.
“Originally you have the three famous tenors. With three, you have the intimacy but not the volume – with 10 it opens up. That’s the beauty of the 10. Each brings something different to the table,” Gelsumini said.
Broadway songs they’ll perform on this U.S. tour include selections from “Les Miserables,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” Rogers and Hammerstein songs and even jukebox musicals like the “Jersey Boys,” he said. The last is his favorite to sing, Gelsumini said, as he is a big “Jersey Boys” fan. They’ll also sing “Falling Slowly” from the musical “Once,” which was just at DPAC in January. The song is a beautiful arrangement, he said. In addition, they’ll sing medleys and Ten Tenors favorites like “The Boxer” and “Here’s to the Heroes.”
“There’s a really good vibe on tour,” Gelsumini said.


WHO: The Ten Tenors

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. March 20
WHERE: Durham Performing Arts Center
123 Vivian St., Durham