Letters to the Editor, Jan. 17

Jan. 16, 2014 @ 02:18 PM

Don’t loosen marijuana laws

The FADE Coalition (Fostering Alternatives to Drug Enforcement) urged the Durham Human Relations commission to recommend to elected officials making marijuana enforcement "Durham's police department's lowest priority," in order to free up resources for other needs and avoid saddling youngsters with criminal records. 

Is this coalition made up of total idiots?  Why don't they pay a visit to the Avalar family in Durham who lost two brothers when a 20-year-old slammed into their car because he was under the influence of marijuana on Dec. 27.  It does not matter how old you are, what color you are or even what planet you are from, under the influence of any substance can kill anyone of us at any time. 

The group's focus is to "loosen the laws" against marijuana. Right, maybe there will be fewer deaths/fatal traffic accidents with people under the influence of marijuana than crack, alcohol and other substances, so let's go ahead and say it’s okay and lower the priority on this drug.

Hold your breath Durham residents and good luck!!

Alan Beasley


Enjoying the comics

I guess I like "insipid pap" comics. I’m happy to see more come back. I have waited a long time, patiently waiting to get BC and Wizard of ID  back in the paper.  And I enjoy Garfield, Baby Blues and all the present "insipid" comics. 

I suggest the disgruntled remember they are not the only readers.  I found their favorites stupid, not funny.  And I like The Herald-Sun lifting articles from other papers, other places.   I don't like its liberal cartoons and articles, but I can always find some things to my liking. 

But the bottom line is I don't own the paper or have to pay its bills, so I will not tell it what content it "should" print. 

Janet Weinberg