Student of the Month: A motivational ambassador

Oct. 14, 2013 @ 11:24 AM

You would never know from talking to Ariadna Mishel Gomez Cespedes, the president of several clubs and advocate for Latino youth, that she was ever shy.
As she talked about her involvement with the Latino Ambassadors program at the Southern School of Energy and Sustainability, the excitement and passion in her voice was evident.
“We help motivate and encourage and open more opportunities for Latino students at Southern,” she said. “We help them gain interest in higher education, like college, and encourage them to be more open-minded and to volunteer.”
It was her work as a Latino ambassador that broke Gomez Cespedes out of her shyness.
“I love it. It’s brought me out of my shyness,” she explained. “I can still be really shy sometimes. It started during my 10th-grade year as a counseling group for 10 Latino students.”
Gomez Cespedes said that she and some of her friends wanted to expand the program to help reach more Latino students.
“We just formed it and it was up to us to prepare the events, the volunteer service and to prepare what we would do at the meetings. It’s really helped me come out and made me a leader and take initiative.
“We didn’t know it would be such a successful group as it has been,” Gomez Cespedes continued.
Gomez Cespedes is undecided on a college at this point but said she interested in filmmaking and social advocacy. A recent college tour has her contemplating majoring in sociology or communications, although her favorite subjects in school are math and chemistry.
“We do a lot of lab work,” she said. “It’s really hands-on and everything we learn we get to do in a lab. I really enjoy that class.”
Of her time at Southern, Gomez Cespedes said, “It’s been a great experience. I just can’t wait to go to college. I can’t wait to find out later what schools I get accepted into, to know that all of my hard work has some rewards.”
For incoming freshmen, she offers this advice: “Really focus on your academics. Once you have a good time your freshman and sophomore years you’ll want to start focusing during your junior and senior years. You have to start preparing as a freshman. It’s much harder when you’re a senior.”


Student of the Month

Ariadna Mishel Gomez Cespedes

Age: 17
GPA: 4.2
School: Southern School of Energy and Sustainability
School Activities: Student Government Association vice president, president of the Latino Ambassadors Club, president of the National Honor Society, a college ambassador and a participant in the Scholars to College program at the Emily K Center.
Favorite Movies: No preference. “I have a huge interest in film. I just love going to the movies. I go just about every weekend. I feel happy and I feel relaxed when I watch movies.”
Favorite Music: “Everything as long as it sounds good.”