International, automotive, photographic: Fall full of art offerings

Aug. 22, 2013 @ 04:21 PM

What a fall for the visual arts this is going to be.  The art is exotic, Islamic and Indian; the art is all about design, the Porsche; the art focuses on photography and its influence; and then there is this promise of a new venue for a fabulous collection.  
There will be 22 Porsches at the N.C Museum of Art.  Art enthusiasts love the car for its design, automobile mavens are interested in its speed and excellence in aerodynamics and the rest of us stand in awe of a beautiful machine whose very presence speaks to money, beauty and design.  
Along with the Islamic art, which is the main event at the Nasher, goes all the myth and mystery about Doris Duke (1912 –1993), the only child of James Duke, the son of Washington Duke, the founder of Duke University.  She was one of the wealthiest people in the world at the age of 14 when her father died.  With her first husband she built Shangri La, in Hawaii.  It was her fantasy home where, over the years, she amassed one of the nation’s largest private collections of Islamic art. 
The contemporary Indian art at the Ackland focuses on activist artists who have banded together in a collective to make art because they believe it can be an instrument of change; they believe art can move people from intolerance to tolerance and from restrictive laws to freedom of expression. 
Beginning in mid-September and going through mid-October, under the sponsorship of Chapel Hill’s Frank Gallery and the North Carolina Museum of Art Consortium, many of the art institutions and galleries in the Triangle will be focusing on photography and art in various mediums which it has inspired. 
And finally there is news of a new museum coming soon. N.C. State’s Gregg Museum has moved out of the Student Union building and will have shows in various interim sites around Raleigh while wrapping up the final fund raising stages for the collection to make its way to its new home in the historic Chancellors House, 1903 Hillsboro Street.  And now….

Visual Arts Fall Preview, 2013

North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh.
“Brian Ulrich Copia-Retail, Thrift and Dark Stores, 2001-2011,” Sept. 29-Jan. 5, 2014.
“Porsche By Design:  Seducing Speed,” Oct. 12-Jan. 20.
“Reveal:  Portraits by Carrie Levy,” through Jan. 26, 2014.
“Outsiders:  Facing the Camera,” through Jan. 26, 2014.
“Masterworks from the Chrysler Museum,” through Feb. 2, 2014.
“Close to Home:  A Decade of Acquisitions,” through Aug. 10, 2014.
Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University:
“Doris Duke”s “Shangri La:  Architecture, Landscape, Islamic Art,” Aug. 29-Dec. 29.
“Lines of Control:  Partition as a Productive Space,” Sept. 19-Feb. 2, 2014.
“Pedro Lasch, Susan Harbage Page, Yinka Shonibare,” through Dec. 1.
“Cinematic Impulse,” through Sept. 8.
North Carolina Central University Museum:
“Witness:  A Retrospective of Titus Brooks Heagins,” Aug. 15-Oct. 4
“Color in Freedom:  Journey Along the Underground Railroad, Oct. 13-Dec. 13.
Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University:
“Photographs by Evegnia Arbugaeva,” Magnum Emergency Fund, Sept. 16-Jan. 12, 2014.
“Legendary:  Inside the House Ballroom Scene:  Photographs by Gerard H. Gaskin,” Nov. 1-
Feb. Feb. 29, 2014.
Durham Art Guild
“New Artwork:  Lisa Bartell, Rachel Campbell, and Pamela George,” Sept. 11-Oct. 5.

“59th Annual Juried Art Exhibition,” Oct. 10-Nov 9.
“Members Holiday Market November,” Nov. 13-30.

“New Artwork:  Elizabeth Lasley; Eric Raddatz; Peg Bachenheimer; Sarah Wilkins,” Dec. 4-28.

Room 100, Golden Belt:

“Paper Trails:  Linda Ide,” Sept. 2- Sept 26.

“Photography:  Heather Evans Smith,” Oct. 1-28.

“Goldenbelt Artists: Exhibition and Fundraiser,” Nov. 1-26.

“Lori White:  Paintings,” Dec. 2-26.

Durham Arts Council
“Legends of Onile:  Nadjib Adebola Assani,” through Jan. 6, 2014.
“Roadscapes, & Bluescapes:  William Beatty,” through Sept. 8.
“Big Sugar: Stacy Crabill,” through Sept. 8.
“Brandon Cordrey:  Foster,” Sept. 13-Nov. 10.
“Michael Schwalbe:  A View to the Making:  Portraits of North Carolina Artists at Work,”
Sept 13-Nov.10.
“Sharron Parker:  Handmade Felt,” Nov. 15- Dec. 31.
“Lawrence Feir: The Art and Enigma of Lawrence Feir”  Nov. 15-Dec. 31.
Craven Allen Gallery, 
“Flight,” through Sept. 14.
“Beverly McIver:  New York Stories,” Sept. 21-Dec. 28.

Through This Lens
“Jesse Andrews: Silver Rails,” through Sept. 15.
“Comparative Figures:  Photographs by Sam Wang and Bill McAllister,” Sept. 20- Oct. 30.
“Annual Members Exhibition:  First Time Ever,” Nov. 1-Dec. 30.
Outsiders Art and Collectibles
“From the Porch:  Paintings of James McCord,” through Sept. 23.
“Charlie Lucas: An Alabama Outsider,” Sept. 25-Oct. 11.
“Amongst But Not Part Of:  Four Years of Outsiders,” Oct 17-Nov. 1.
“Minus Sound Research 8,” Nov. 8-Dec 6
“5th Annual Winter Market at Guglhupf,” Saturday, Dec. 14.
“Truth to Power:  Communicating Messages of Social Justice through Visual Art,”
Aug. 14-Sept. 15.
"Surge: members show,” September 18 - October 6
"Meta-Crylic Vibration:  Darius Quarles and Renee Leverty,” October 9 – 27.
"Paint the Sky: Calvin Brett and Kimberly Wheaton,” October 30 - November 17.
"Gathering: members show:” November 20 - January 5.
Scrap Exchange:
“Signed, Sealed, Delivered:  Mail Art,” through Sept. 14.
“Metamorphosis: Ruth Warren & Lee Stadler,” Sept. 20-Oct. 13
“Jerris Gibbs:  Paintings,”  Oct. 18-Nov. 10.

“Group Show, including artists, Scott Larson and Julia Gartrell,”  Nov. 15-Dec. 15.

“Photography: Jan Elaenor Mills & Simone,” Dec. 20-Jan. 12.

“WRK: Amanda Hakanson-Stacy,” Aug. 27-Sept. 7.
“Tiger Blood:  Gabriel Eng Goetz,” Sept. 10-21.
“Paradise Garden Project: Artists: Ann Marie Kennedy, Beth Tacular, Katherine Whalen, Lauren
Adams, Lee Moore Crawford, Linda Dallas, Jennifer Collins-Mancour,
Maryah Smith-Overman,”  Sept. 24-Oct. 5.
Smaller Galleries,  Golden Belt Neighborhood:
• Liberty Arts
• Spectre Arts
Ackland Museum, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
“Sahmat Collective:   Art and Activism in India since 1989,” Sept. 13-Jan. 5, 2014.
“Highlights from the Permanent Collection,” through Dec. 31.
Frank Gallery, Chapel Hill
“Animals:  Forces of Nature,” through Sept. 8.
“Jane Filer at Frank,” Sept. 10-Oct. 6.
“Frank in Focus:  Inspired by the Lens,” Sept.10-Oct. 6.
“A New Tradition:  Mark Hewitt, Daniel Johnston, Alex Matisse, Joseph Sand, Matt Jones,”
Oct 8-Nov. 3.

Horace Williams House, Chapel Hill:
“Bonnie Melton, oils on wood; Evelyn Ward, ceramics”  Sept. 1-Sept. 23.
“Laura Murphy Frankstone, paintings; Sasha Bakaric, ceramics,” Sept. 29-Oct. 21.
“Gregory Halloran and Jenny Burton, photography,” Oct. 27-Nov. 25.
Jane Tyndall Gallery, Chapel Hill:
“Gayle Stott Lowry:  The Cuban Conundrum; new paintings,” Oct. 3-Nov 16.
“Lynn Boggess:  New Paintings,” Nov. 21-Dec. 21.
Contemporary Art Museum CAM, Raleigh.
“Melanie Schiff: The Stars are not Wanted Now,” through Sept. 1.
“Currents:  Photographs from Collection of Allen Thomas Jr.,” through Oct. 7.
“Surveying the Terrain,” Oct. 4-Jan. 13, 2014.
Gregg Museum of Art, N. C. State University, Raleigh:
“Measure of Earth:  Textiles and Territory in West Africa,”  Sept. 19- Dec. 18.
(Installed at the African American Cultural Center Gallery, 2nd Floor, Witherspoon Student Center, 2810 Cates Avenue, corner of Dan Allen Drive, Raleigh NC)
“And With This Shell, The Sea:  The Ceramic Art of Siglinda Scarpa,”  Nov 21-Jan. 31.
(Installed at NCSU’s Historic Chancellor’s Residence, 1903 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh NC, the future site of the Gregg Museum.  Open by appointment; call 919-513-7244 or 919-515-3503.)
Eno Gallery:  Hillsboro
“Vicki Grant:  Illuminated Dreamscapes,” Aug. 30-Sept. 22.
“Alice Ballard and Roger Dalrymple: On and Off the Wall,” Sept. 27-Nov. 15.