Edgewood Baptist’s Valentine to you: Cookies

Feb. 13, 2013 @ 11:54 PM

A Northern Durham church is spreading the love on Valentine’s Day through cookies. For the second year, Edgewood Baptist Church on Infinity Road will give away a dozen cookies to each passer-by between noon and 2 p.m. today, until they run out.
It was Edgewood Sunday school director Bob Reuther’s idea. He just wanted to do something for others on Valentine’s Day, so last year he launched the Cookie Extravaganza. At first they talked about inviting people to church, but decided instead to go to them, stationing church members by the church’s entrance on Infinity Road. They also considered giving away two dozen cookies per car, but decided a dozen each would mean more cookies for others.
“We met some people who really needed to have someone doing something for them,” Reuther said. Last year, an older gentleman who drove up talked about loneliness after the death of his wife a few months prior. He told them he was grateful. Another woman who said she had been a victim of abuse said church in general has been a safe haven for her, and the Valentine cookie giveaway reinforced that.
Reuther said he wants to stress that the Cookie Extravaganza is a gift to people – they don’t want donations in return.
Cookies given away will be both homemade and store bought – all donated by church members. Reuther said there are a lot of older church members who like to bake. In 2012, they gave away 67 dozen cookies. On this Valentine’s Day, they plan to give away 100 dozen cookies.
Reuther said he looks forward to the now annual event, as do other members.
“Going to Sunday school the other day, a lady who helped last year was talking about how much fun she had,” he said. “We’re hoping to build on it.”
Edgewood Baptist Church is located at 1807 Infinity Road, Durham.