REVIEW: ‘E-Team’ in the field with Human Rights Watch

Mar. 26, 2014 @ 04:02 PM

Human Rights Watch’s boots-on-the-ground emergencies team in the war-torn world is known as the E-Team, and the documentary film “E-Team” takes audiences into places like Syria and Lebanon as the team does field interviews. “E-Team” will be screened on April 4 at the Carolina Theatre during the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in downtown Durham.

Anna, Ole, Fred and Peter all come to the E-Team from different places, geographically and mentally, and viewers see them during their off hours, too. Well, more or less. Anna, who grew up in Russia and lives in Paris now, goes to Moscow for a press conference and visits her Russian parents, taking work calls all the while.
Fred’s footage includes his work in Kosovo in 1998, when an emergency approach was taken to get the information from the field out to the media and public sooner rather than later. Fred also testified against Slobodan Milosevic about atrocities in Kosovo.
“In darkness abuse takes place,” Fred says in the film. Ole said that what Human Rights Watch does is let people know what’s happening.
What they are trying to do, the team explains in the film, is to determine “what happened in this particular village and why it’s a violation of international law.”
“E-Team” is suspenseful as interviews are conducted with gunfire in the background. It also shows the quiet time of writing press releases to share their findings, and how they spread Human Rights Watch information through the media.
Peter, who lives in Switzerland, talks about how it feels good to fight back against bad people. Peter and Fred are shown at work in Libya, including tracking weapons. Anna fights the good fight all the time, anytime.
If you’re disheartened that crimes against humanity around the world are going unnoticed, Human Rights Watch’s E-Team is noticing. They’re interviewing witnesses and victims, putting themselves in danger as well, and sharing that information with the world. “E-Team” is a comprehensive look at how and why they do it.
The Full Frame screening will be followed by a moderated conversation with filmmakers Ross Kauffman and Katy Chevigny along with Carroll Bogert of Human Rights Watch.


WHAT: “E-Team”
WHEN: 7:40 p.m. April 4, during the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
WHERE: Fletcher Hall at the Carolina Theatre
309 W. Morgan St., Durham