REVIEW: ‘112 Weddings’ shows the years after the big day

Mar. 21, 2014 @ 09:09 AM

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival brings a slate of more than 100 films featuring premieres and invited documentaries, special programming and a few free screenings to downtown Durham April 3-6. Tickets for individual films go on sale March 27. The opening night film is the world premiere of an HBO Documentary Film, “112 Weddings.”
The filmmaker, Doug Block, is also a wedding videographer, something that began as a side job 112 weddings ago. They were events where he recorded “ordinary people on an extraordinary day.” In the film, Block says that of all those weddings he observed, once he sent off the video, he never saw them again. In “112 Weddings,” he follows up with nine of them, seven to 19 years later, and interviews them about marriage.
Audiences will have an emotional reaction to this film. Brides-to-be could skip the bridal magazines’ marriage tips and go straight to this film to see what’s really up.
Each couple’s part of the film starts with clips from their wedding day, with all the smiles and hearts full of hope and promise. Everyone is so happy.
A rabbi Block interviews in “112 Weddings” says that marriage is something we go into completely unaware of what we’re entering, like life. The wedding day is just “Day One,” he says.
What comes after are life changes like moves and children and health crises – all that impact marriages, for better or worse. So audiences will see the success stories and divorce, along with interviews where one half of the couple lets the truth out and the other glosses over it. We also get to see two new weddings. Without giving too much away, one relationship is fairly new, the other not. We also find out why getting married matters to a gay couple. We learn whether the idea of a soulmate really matters at all. And we learn something about our own marriages as we consider them in relation to those on screen.
Whatever happens tomorrow, Block says in “112 Weddings,” as a wedding videographer he is there today to capture the celebrating for posterity.
“112 Weddings” screens at 7:30 p.m. April 3 in Fletcher Hall of the Carolina Theatre, 309 W. Morgan St., Durham. A moderated discussion with filmmaker Doug Block will follow the screening. For ticket and schedule information, visit