Full Frame to pay tribute to filmmaker

Jan. 16, 2013 @ 02:57 PM

The 2013 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival will celebrate the work of filmmaker Jessica Yu during its thematic program and tribute. The program will examine the intersections of truth and storytelling with a series of films curated by filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev.
The festival will honor Yu with the Full Frame Tribute and will feature a retrospective of her work. Yu is a director of both documentaries and scripted films. She won an Oscar for Best Documentary Short for “Breathing Lessons” (1996), a film about Mark O’Brien, a poet confined to an iron lung. Her latest film for Participant Media, “Last Call at the Oasis” (2011), is a chronicle of the water crisis. Her documentaries include the award-winning features “Protagonist” (2007), “In the Realms of the Unreal” (2004), and HBO’s “The Living Museum” (1998), and the shorts “Meet Mr. Toilet” (2012) and “The Kinda Sutra” (2009).
Bar-Lev directed the documentary films “Fighter” (2001), “My Kid Could Paint That” (2007), and “The Tillman Story” (2010). He co-produced the documentary “Trouble The Water” (2008), which won the 2008 Full Frame Grand Jury Award and was a 2009 Academy Award nominee. Bar-Lev is currently directing “Happy Valley,” about the Penn State scandal.
“Attending Full Frame, what always inspires me most is the infinite variety of approaches to storytelling,” Bar-Lev stated in a press announcement. “Every documentary is a unique, thorny relationship – between filmmaker and ‘character,’ fact and representation, reality and story. As guest curator, I’ve selected a handful of films that wrestle, each in their own way, with the medium of documentary filmmaking itself.”
“With this year’s thematic program, I wanted to address the tension between truth and perspective,” said director of programming Sadie Tillery. “What happens when one person’s impression of events is at odds with the facts on the ground? I am particularly interested in films that give equal weight to, or even attempt to reconcile, different notions of truth. Amir Bar-Lev brings distinct experience and insight to this exploration. I’m thrilled to be working with him.”
“Full Frame has become an oasis for documentary filmmakers and audiences,” Yu stated. “Having been fortunate enough to bring several films to the festival, I have found it to be a source of inspiration and camaraderie.”
Both Yu and Bar-Lev will attend the festival. Specific titles for the thematic program and the Full Frame tribute, along with additional attending guests, will be announced in March.
The 16th Annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival will be held April 4-7. The complete schedule of films will be announced March 14. Festival passes are on sale now and can be purchased online at www.fullframefest.org. Tickets go on sale March 25.