REVIEW: Rockers headlining All-Star Block Party have hit with ‘3rd’

Jul. 10, 2014 @ 05:11 PM

The Baseball Project’s newest album, its third, is called, in an appropriate baseball reference, “3rd” (YepRoc Records). Because you’re reading this review of a baseball band at a baseball party in a newspaper, you’ll likely love the song “Box Scores.” A tribute to the printed box of stats from a baseball game, “Box Scores” sings the praises of the morning routine. A sample of the lyrics: “I read books about baseball, the swingers and the takers. But what I love even more, is poring over box scores. For half an hour every day, let the box scores have their way.”
The Baseball Project is Scott McCaughey (vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion), Steve Wynn (vocals, guitar), Linda Pitmon (drums, percussion, vocals), Peter Buck (guitars, bass, banjo) and Mike Mills (bass, vocals). If you’re a fan of their other musical entities (R.E.M and Dream Syndicate), you’ll probably like The Baseball Project, too. It’s a fun band.
“3rd” is the album you listen to on days you’re not at the ballpark, too, because it still gives you that feeling. Baseball has never been just baseball. There are so many baseball analogies because baseball is more than a game. Going to a baseball game is an experience. Whether it’s Little League or Major League, it’s about sitting outside under the skies with a community of people who are there for a common purpose. While football may have become America’s main event, and basketball may have become America’s obsession, baseball is still America’s pastime. We go to the ballpark to pass the time in a happy way, a way to enjoy food and friends and the outdoors and, yes, players on the field doing their jobs. The Baseball Project reminds us of all this, not just by singing about Henry Aaron and Babe Ruth, but by conveying the feeling that baseball brings.