Author to discuss "The Cove" and upcoming movie based on it
Jul. 04, 2013 @ 10:38 PM

Ron Rash talks about “The Cove” on North Carolina Bookwatch today at noon and Thursday at 5 p.m. 

People wondered whether Ron Rash would ever be able to top his recent bestseller “Serena,” which is being made into a movie staring Jennifer Lawrence. His new novel, “The Cove,” is, like “Serena,” a battle between good and evil. In Madison County along the Tennessee border during the First World War, we follow the tragic life of Laurel Shelton, who is shunned as a witch whenever she leaves her isolated cove. A strange man comes to care about her and gives to her for a brief, poignant moment the possibility of a happy life. “The Cove” is Rash at his best.

“The Cove” has been a commercial success and it gained widespread critical praise like this from Amazon editor Joe Foro: “In the lyrical prose that won him such acclaim with ‘Serena,’ Ron Rash washes this novel's languid spaces with bucketfuls of atmospheric dread, pushing his characters into the currents of their fate with determined empathy. Murky and deliberate, ‘The Cove’ solidifies Rash as master of modern Southern Gothic.”

But the success of  “The Cove” has not overwhelmed the excitement of Rash’s fans about the upcoming movie based on “Serena.”

Rash acknowledged that some people are asking “Aren’t you afraid of what they’ll do to your book?”

“They're not going to do a thing to my book,” he told me. “They're not going to change one word. But I am human. If they turned Serena into a vampire or a mummy or whatever, a zombie, I wouldn't be too happy about that. The cast is good, particularly Jennifer Lawrence, who did such a great job in ‘Winter’s Bone,’ though she's better known for the ‘Hunger Games.’ But the performance that really impressed me was ‘Winter’s Bone.’”

In a few months, when “Serena” is in the movie theatres, everybody will be talking about Ron Rash. You have a chance to get to know him first on North Carolina Bookwatch.

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