Threshold offers transitional employment

Mar. 04, 2013 @ 05:29 PM


Transitional Employment (TE) is a program specifically designed for people who have had their lives interrupted by mental illness.

Transitional Employment, by providing part-time job opportunities, becomes a vital step in the process of community re-integration. Operated by Clubhouses, TE programs provide the missing link between good intentions and opportunity. In Durham, Threshold has been operating as a clubhouse and partnering with local businesses since 1985. What makes TE work is twofold. First is the commitment from the employer to work with persons with disabilities. Second, Clubhouse staff members cover any missed shifts, which provides security for worker and employer.

Transitional Employment jobs are part-time positions secured by the Clubhouse with the understanding that they will be filled by program participants who are qualified for the work. Provided job criteria are met, the employer agrees to hire Clubhouse members regardless of their work history, with the knowledge that he or she is actually hiring much more than one individual.

Each Clubhouse member is supported by Threshold staff throughout the transitional employment period. This support starts well before the first pen touches an application, and continues beyond the end of the work assignment. Each assignment lasts for a period of six to nine months, at which time another Clubhouse member is selected and begins training to take over. After completion of one or more TE assignments, Threshold members are assisted in finding and maintaining permanent work. For the employer, TE represents a way to fill entry-level positions on an ongoing basis. Businesses that participate are eligible for tax credits and need provide no benefits package for these part-time workers. Over years of tweaking the TE model, a very effective structure has emerged.

If you think you may have a part-time job that you would consider making a Transitional Employment position, please contact Threshold at (919) 682-4124, or email Employment Director Phil Wintermute at For more information see Threshold’s website: