Hidden Gems of the Eno: August

Fish fry at the “steam station”
Aug. 16, 2014 @ 02:43 PM

Duke Power had a couple of fish fries every summer for the families.

Across the road on the hill, they had two acres in there, I reckon. There’s a spring over there. It was bricked up and had a pipe running out. Water’s running out of there right now, I reckon. They had a road going in there. All the families would go in there, and they’d cook fish.

We’d seine the cooling pond. It had grass growing all around the sides. I was too young to pull in the seine, but I’d get in there with some of the others and run the fish out of the grass where they could catch ’em. I’d eat bass, some bream and maybe some catfish. And if we didn’t catch enough fish to feed everybody, they would go out and buy some more.

Those were really nice cookouts.

This was taken from a conversation with Boyce Link.