Volunteer of the Week

Aug. 17, 2013 @ 12:08 AM

Daniel Ahlport

North Carolina Museum of Life and Science

Volunteer for 2 years

Daniel Ahlport spends his time with the animals at the museum. He’s not afraid to get dirty, shoveling manure and cleaning the farmyard exhibit.  Coming faithfully every Thursday, Dan works in weather ranging from 100+ degrees in the summer to 30 degrees in the winter. Never complaining, a joke or witty remark is always on his lips as he cleans and works.

Dan’s work ethic and drive to do the best he can has the staff looking forward to Thursdays when they know that the work will be done with little supervision. Dan’s service saves the museum much money in manpower alone.  And it’s obvious he genuinely wants to be there – doing work that many others would not do for pay.

Thank you, Daniel Ahlport, for giving of yourself and for helping to make the museum a great place to visit.