Are you a ‘Star Recycler’?

Mar. 22, 2014 @ 11:28 AM

City of Durham residents who are recycling the correct items in their curbside recycling carts are doing their part to help the environment, and the city wants to recognize them for it.

From now until June 30, staff with the city’s Solid Waste Management Department will be randomly checking curbside recycling carts throughout the city and identifying “Star Recycler” households. Selected households will then be provided with information to contact city staff and be entered into a drawing to win one of nine $25 Visa gift cards, provided courtesy of Sonoco Recycling.

According to Larrisha McGill, waste reduction coordinator for the City’s Solid Waste Management Department, the goal of the program is to reward residents who are recycling properly while encouraging others to do the same. “Recycling is important because it saves energy, reduces pollution, generates jobs, and helps to conserve landfill space,” McGill said. “The Star Recycler Program is our way of recognizing and rewarding residents who are recycling properly, while also encouraging their neighbors to adopt these same behaviors so they too can become a Star Recycler.”

In addition to being entered into the drawing, winning households will also have the opportunity to display a yard sign for two weeks, proclaiming them as a “Star Recycler.” Households not properly recycling during the random checks will be provided with educational materials to encourage them to become a Star Recycler.

For a complete list of items that can be recycled please visit the City of Durham’s website at or contact McGill at (919) 560-4186, ext. 32227 or by email at

Do your part, recycle today!

Larrisha McGill is waste reduction coordinator with the City of Durham’s Solid Waste Management Department.