Volunteer of the Week

Nov. 30, 2013 @ 09:26 AM

Tess Poe

Durham Woman’s Club

Volunteer for 47 years

Tess Poe has been a member of the Durham Woman’s Club for almost 50 years. She has served in every leadership position except president. Her most notable contribution has been in the area of table decorations. For many of those 47 years, Tess provided flower arrangements for the tables at their monthly meetings.

Until recently, Tess provided flowers from her own garden for arrangements that encouraged club members who were sick or had experienced a death. Her knowledge and skill of flower arranging ranked among the best in the state. She served as a flower show judge for many years, and used that skill through volunteerism to bring happiness to others.

Thank you, Tess Poe, for being a significant part of the Durham Woman’s Club and for giving to many other organizations in Durham and the state of North Carolina.