Nothing can hold me back now

Jan. 05, 2013 @ 08:57 AM


This is who I was: a 10th grade dropout who could barely read. This is who I am today: a single mother of two who has improved my reading by three grade levels and has passed two of my five GED tests.  How about that?

Even though I was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, I never got the help I needed in school.  I also couldn’t find a job.  After my girls were born, I knew I had to do something so I could take care of them. 

In 2009, I walked into the Durham Literacy Center and got one-on-one tutoring.  Three years later I’m working, I’m volunteering at my daughters’ school and I’m proud that I’ve broken the cycle of illiteracy.

At Durham Literacy I was with other adults who were also learning to read.  And now I attend adult GED classes to get ready to take the three remaining tests I need to become a high school graduate.

The best thing is, I can read to my daughters and help them with their homework.  My oldest daughter struggled with reading in school.  She said she didn’t want to read and would throw her book down.  But with my help, she now loves reading.

I have a lot more confidence since I learned how to read.  Nothing can hold me back now…and my babies are right behind me!

Durham literacy center

The Durham Literacy Center empowers Durham County residents who want to enrich their lives by improving their literacy skills.  Through volunteer tutors, teens and adults receive the help they need to become literate.

The center offers bilingual reading classes, English as a Second Language sessions and computer literacy classes.  In addition, the Durham Literacy Center has a Teen Career Academy as well as a Center for Employment for adults.

The Durham Literacy Center manages literacy programs at seven different locations in Durham County, including the Durham County Libraries, the Family Center of Northern Durham, Lakewood Baptist Church and John Avery Boys and Girls Club.

The center recently opened its newest location with its business offices at 1905 Chapel Hill Road in Durham.