Troops respond to care packages

Feb. 09, 2013 @ 10:19 AM

When Richard Watson, partner of Durham law firm Pulley Watson King & Lischer, received an email and picture from Capt. Mastin Robeson, a team leader with Security Force Assistance Advisor Team in Afghanistan, he was truly moved.

Capt. Robeson was reaching out to thank Pulley Watson and the Durham community for the stockings stuffed with gifts shipped to the Marines in Afghanistan in time for Christmas.

Richard Watson, a lieutenant in the U.S. Army with the 199th Light Infantry in Vietnam, started the firm’s “Christmas for the Troops” stocking-stuffing event eight years ago. Here’s the email and photo he received from Captain Mastin recently:

“My sincerest thanks for the emails and gifts, let me tell you, that means a lot to the guys here. There are plenty of folks back in America who don’t even know we still have servicemen and women in Afghanistan. The fact that your firm goes out of its way to reach out to folks overseas, particularly during the loneliest of seasons around the holidays, is a testament to the quality of your organization.

“Attached is an article about our team. A few pictures are included if you hunt around for them on the site.” 

On behalf of our military men and women, Pulley Watson thanks the Durham community for their generous donations and support.

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