Faison receives honorary Masonic degree

Jun. 28, 2014 @ 08:07 PM

Bill Faison of Bill Faison Attorney, PLLC, was inducted into The Royal Order of Scotland, a Freemasonry honor society, on May 31 in Charlotte. The society is a centuries-old, worldwide organization that extends membership to Freemasons by invitation only.

The Grand Lodge of the Royal Order of Scotland, headquartered in Edinburgh, governs the fraternal society and has 88 Provincial Grand Lodges around the globe. The Provincial Grand Lodge USA requires membership applicants to be 32nd Degree Masons or Knights Templar, a strict prerequisite compared to many lodges. Applicants must also have at least five years of experience as a Master Mason and a distinguished record of service in Masonic, church or civic activities.

 “It is quite an honor to be selected for membership and inducted into this ancient and respected organization,” Faison said. Faison received the highest degree the Royal Order confers, that of Knight of the Rosy Cross. Other Masonic leaders in North Carolina who received this degree include Deputy Grand Master Douglas L. Caudle, Senior Grand Warden Bryant D. Webster, Junior Grand Deacon Speed Hallman and Grand Marshal Mack Sigmon.

Faison serves as senior deacon of his lodge, Eagle Lodge No. 19 in Hillsborough. His civic service comes primarily from his four terms as a member of the N. C. House from 2005-2012. Faison’s focus as a legislator was on the expansion of broadband capabilities and Internet access for the state of North Carolina and Orange and Caswell counties in particular. In 2012 the SouthEast Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors named Faison a Legislator of the Year for the advocacy work he did to expand high-speed Internet access.  

The Provincial Grand Lodge USA was established in 1878 and is based in Charleroi, Pa. For more information, please visit: The Provincial Grand Lodge USA.