Volunteer of the Week

Mar. 30, 2013 @ 11:08 AM

Volunteer of the Week

Volunteer Center of Durham

Carl Sigel

N.C. Interfaith Power & Light (NCIPL)

Volunteer for 6 years


As chair of the Steering Committee for NCIPL, Carl Sigel contributes to every aspect of the organization whose mission is “to help faith communities address climate change with positive and hopeful solutions.” He leads workshops for the N.C. Council of Church’s statewide Critical Issues Seminar and the statewide Ground for Hope Conference. Carl has helped integrate students into the work of NCIPL and was instrumental in securing the first high school intern last summer.

A deep and motivating commitment to the issues related to climate change are a part of Carl’s very soul. His dedication to this overwhelming problem and the many hours he spends volunteering for NCIPL give the staff hope and purpose.

Carl Sigel, thank you for bringing practical solutions for environmental stewardship to the faith community-at-large across the Triangle and North Carolina!