Durham celebrates Earth Day

Mar. 30, 2013 @ 09:32 AM

Depending on your age, you may remember the popular catchphrase in the 1970s television ad by Chiffon Margarine, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.” That phrase still rings true today and often comes to mind when thinking about Earth Day.

The first Earth Day celebration was in 1970 as a result of a grassroots effort to bring national attention to the environment. Approximately 20 million people participated in the inaugural event. Forty-three years later, Earth Day has become a worldwide event with environmentalism front and center as a global issue. Climate change, global warming, recycling and energy-efficiency are now familiar terms and core principles for everyone from large nations to small communities.

There are dozens of ways to help Durham promote a healthy ecosystem and small actions can have great consequences. Pick up litter, recycle, turn the water off when you brush your teeth, switch to online bill payments, use public transportation, turn down your water heater and install energy efficient lights are some of the things you can do to preserve the earth.

You can also attend Durham’s Earth Day celebration April 21 from noon to 5 p.m. at Durham Central Park, 502 Foster St. downtown. The festival is free and sponsored by Durham Parks and Recreation and Keep Durham Beautiful in partnership with NBC 17.

The event will feature an eclectic mix of music, entertainment, green products, art and hands-on environmental educational activities for kids including the annual Earth Day parade. Festival goers can shop at the Earth Art Market for green products, crafts and art; learn what local environmental groups are doing to preserve the earth at the Eco Lounge; and meet an array of businesses, artists, non‐profits and educational and government agencies that will share information and resources about all aspects of “going green.”

Don’t want to drive to the festival? Walk, take the bus or ride your bike. There will be free bike valet service available.

Join us in celebrating Earth Day every day by making sure that Earth Day and environmentalism are a part of your daily life. Please stay posted by visiting www.GreenerDurham.net about actions you can take both at home and in your workplace, to “go green.”

For information about Durham’s Earth Day celebration, visit www.DurhamEarthDay.org or call 919-560-4355.

Cynthia Booth  is the public affairs specialist with Durham Parks and Recreation.