This Week in Durham History

Jan. 04, 2014 @ 04:31 PM

Dedication of new Duke  gymnasiam

On Jan. 6, 1940, Duke University's Indoor Stadium was opened and dedicated. Taking part in the ceremonies were Duke President William Few, Duke dean William Wannamaker and UNC dean Robert House. The Duke (men's) basketball team played Princeton that day -- and won 36 to 27. In 1972, the stadium was named for Eddie Cameron, who had been athletic director and was an earlier basketball coach.

Founding of Research Triangle Park

After the post-World War II decline of the three traditional industries of North Carolina (furniture, textile and tobacco), diversification was a focus for the state's authorities and specifically former governor Luther H. Hodges (1954-61). The presence of three major academic institutions in the Triangle area (Duke University in Durham, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and N.C. State University in Raleigh) was the cornerstone of the concept of a technology-based park. After a number of years of maturation for fundraising, property purchase and structural organization, the first meeting of the Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina was held Jan. 9, 1959. The first company to open in RTP was Chemstrand Research Center Inc. in October 1959. (Chemstrand changed to Monsanto in 1974.)