This Week in Durham History

Feb. 09, 2014 @ 11:26 AM

Funeral for Dr. S. L. Warren

On Feb. 9, 1940, funeral services for Dr. S. L. Warren were held.  He had been the chairman of the boards at Lincoln Hospital, Mechanics and Farmers Bank and the "colored" library. The library was afterward renamed "Stanford L. Warren Library" in his honor.  

Eleanor Roosevelt visits Durham

Eleanor Roosevelt, widow of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, visited Durham on Feb. 11, 1950, in order to promote "The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights," which advocated fundamental human rights for all human beings, including African Americans.  

Protest at Duke University

On Feb. 13, 1969, a group of black students at Duke University took over Allen Building, site of the university's administrative offices. They carried in iron pipes and containers they said were filled with gasoline and threatened to destroy university records. They made demands that consisted of a black studies program, a black dormitory, and increased black enrollment. The demands stemmed from the black students' sense of alienation. A sit-in at the university president's house and a campus vigil had taken place in 1968, sparked by Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination and influenced by long-smoldering disagreement between Duke's administration and its maintenance staff over hours, pay and union representation.

City Council OKs million-dollar street plan

On Feb. 15, 1952, The City of Durham approved a $ 1 million street improvement plan ($8.3 million in 2012 dollars).