Garden Club decorates VA hospital chapel

Dec. 08, 2012 @ 10:12 AM

DURHAM -- As the days get shorter and fall fades into winter, the Heritage Garden Club has found a unique way to honor our veterans. 

The slogan “We the people celebrate those who fought for our freedoms and all we hold dear” is at the top of a list of over 100 individuals honored this holiday season. The garden club, under the leadership of Marcia Loudon, donated over 100 poinsettias to the Durham Veterans Administration Medical Center’s Chapel.

The club procured, transported and arranged these beautiful poinsettias, and they have also pledged to water and tend to the plants several times a week throughout the holiday season. 

Each poinsettia, donated by friends and families of veterans in our community, brings joy to our hospitalized Veterans.

“Please visit the Chapel and enjoy this wonderful tribute to Veterans,” says the Rev. John Oliver.