(DBL) DONS basketball league, week 6

Jul. 31, 2014 @ 07:08 PM

Game 1: (5 - 1) DONS 43 vs. (4 - 2) HORNETS 46

The Hornets beat the Dons breaking their two year undefeated regular season winning streak. Although the Dons competed without two of their key starters, Duane Gibson and Tyreik Royster the DBL’s 2nd ranked top player they still played like champions. The Dons’ defense held one of DBL’s top leading scorers Jeremy Figueroa(Hornets) to only 4 points. Antonio Daye(Dons) lead all scorers with 23 points. The Hornets played great team ball and for the day they were the Champions. Big kudos goes out to Coach Coleman for implementing a solid game plan to conquer the Dons and celebrate a huge victory.

Game 2: (1 - 5) BANDITS 41 vs. (3 - 3) NUGGETS 38

The newly rebuilt Bandits made a statement by beating the energetic fast pace Nuggets. Coach Johnson has added Diron Gooden and Daqujuan Walker to his roster and the Bandits looks like they will finish the season strong. Kurtis Anthony(Bandits) scored 14 points and grabbed 13 rebounds and D. Gooden who was recently traded from the Dons scored 12 points

to help the team win. Coach Byrd(Nuggets) expressed how frustrated he were because his team struggled offensively and lack intensity on defense.

Game 3: (4 - 2) TITANS 41 vs. (2 - 4) WOLVES 36

It’s always an electrifying game watching the DBL’s #1 ranked player, DeVonte Barker(Titans) play ball. Barker does it all and he plays hard, soaring through the air as if he can fly. Leading all game scorers with 30 points and snatching 17 rebounds this kid is destined for the NBA. The Wolves had to compete without two of their key starters(D. Ortiz and T.Young) which they could have made a huge difference in the outcome of this matchup. JaQuan Wall(Wolves) kept his team in the game scoring 19 points and grabbing 9 rebounds. But the Wolves like most teams in the league didn’t have an answer to stop Barker.

Game 4: (3 - 3) RATTLERS 43 vs. (2 - 5) BULLS 40

This game was tight all the way until the buzzer went off. Chris Langston(Rattlers) was the deciding factor in this game. Langston had a double double scoring 13 points and snatching 12 rebounds. The Rattlers dominated the boards with a team total of 31 rebounds opposed to the Bulls only managing a team total of 19 rebounds. Derek Gibbs(Bulls) lead all scorers with 15 points. Rattlers’ K.Teet and K.Walters controlled the game tempo in the end to secure the win.

Game 5: (4 - 3) FORCE 51 vs. (3 - 3) KNIGHTS 50

What a game! A exciting battle from start to finish and at the end of the game the fate of victory was all in one players hands. (RECAP) The score was 51-50 the Force winning by one. Brian Speed(Knights) was fouled with only two seconds left in the game. Speed went to the free throw line with 3 shots. If he only makes one of the free throws his team would be forced to go into overtime. If he makes two free throws, game over and he becomes the team hero for the day. Under so much pressure however he has three chances to at least tie the score. Wow!Speed misses all three shots and the Force celebrates. Commissioner Don always preach that “Free Throw Win games.”

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