Volunteer of the Week - Deb Blake

Jul. 27, 2015 @ 02:32 PM

Deb Blake


Volunteer for 2 years

Deb Blake’s life gives us a strong example of the triumph of love over fear.  Although she was once seriously attacked by a dog, she overcame this trauma and has devoted herself to Paws4Ever, a group that works to rescue, train and find homes for abandoned dogs and cats. 

Deb trains and exercises dogs, cares for cats and kittens, works in community outreach, coaches other volunteers and helps tough-to-place dogs learn the social skills that will make them adoptable.  She shows up on snowy days when other volunteers stay home, and she really listens to instructions and guidance about how to work with the dogs.  Her acute good judgment about animals and her generosity to both the animals and the other volunteers make her an invaluable member of this group. 

Thank you, Deb Blake, for your courage and your devotion!