Volunteer of the Week

Feb. 08, 2014 @ 11:34 AM

Atrayus Goode

Movement of Youth

Volunteer for 8 years


Atrayus Goode is an extraordinary volunteer. Although he works full time, he essentially has a second full-time job as the unpaid executive director of Movement of Youth, an educational and mentoring program for middle and high school students. Goode founded this program as an undergraduate. 

Its Saturday Academy, Mentoring, College Tours, SAT Prep and Community Leadership Projects have helped hundreds of students and have provided a large community of college mentors from Duke, UNC and NC Central with lifelong skills and opportunities for growth. The tireless work of Goode and his volunteer staff has paid off in a big way: MOY’s students graduate from high school, get high grades, take honors courses, visit college campuses, do community service and many of them go on to college.

The impact that this one young man has had on so many lives is inspiring. Thank you Atrayus Goode!