Volunteer of the Week

Apr. 19, 2014 @ 08:24 AM

Noah Johnson

Volunteers for Youth - Teen Court

Volunteer for 2 years

A 10th-grader at Chapel Hill High School, Noah Johnson serves his peers in a special way. As a Teen Court “attorney,” Noah advocates on behalf of his clients, helping Teen Court to provide first-time misdemeanor offenders with an alternative to court.  This program relieves the strain on the regular court system and holds young people accountable for their actions in a way that helps both them and their community.

Noah is an exceptional member of the Teen Court, standing out because of his thoughtfulness, sensitivity, maturity and courage. He goes above and beyond the duties expected of him, showing remarkable commitment and a deep sense of responsibility. His service is tremendously valuable to his clients and to their families, and it’s equally valuable to the other Teen Court volunteers, who value his encouragement, creativity, knowledge and leadership. 

Thank you, Noah Johnson, for your selfless dedication to such an important cause!