Volunteer of the Week

Oct. 19, 2013 @ 11:44 AM

Jannie Cozart

Durham Center for Senior Life

Volunteer for 3 years

Jannie Cozart takes care of the seniors at the Durham Center for Senior Life in so many ways! She is a real innovator, always planning great activities that make everyone feel welcome and eager to participate.

She leads BINGO each week and established a rotation for bringing prizes. She planned an “End of Summer Dance Contest” and solicited donations and prizes for it from local businesses. She always helps with parties, cookouts and monthly events. Jannie regularly serves food, makes sure that no one goes hungry, and often makes full southern style breakfasts for the seniors. She doesn’t let anything stand in the way of being helpful, thoughtful and generous. 

Thank you, Jannie, for inspiring those around you and contributing so much to the DSCL. Without your leadership and initiative, the DSCL would be a much different place.