Volunteer of the Week

Sep. 21, 2013 @ 11:55 PM

Nelson Lopez

Duke Hospital Auxiliary

Volunteer for two years  

Nelson Lopez worked with the Junior Volunteer Program of the Duke Hospital Auxiliary. Along with others in the program, he helped to deliver e-cards, worked in the gift shop, delivered flowers, ran the book cart and helped patients and their families in many other ways. 

Nelson, a senior at Durham School of Arts, is an exceptional volunteer and is always happy to go the extra mile, whether this means carrying bags for a patient, helping patients’ families find their way around the hospital or just providing a compassionate ear for those who wanted to talk. Whatever the task, Nelson was always ready to help. The kindness and respect he showed both to staff and to patients really made a difference. 

Thank you, Nelson Lopez, for being there for so many people when they really needed a helping hand.