Volunteer of the Week

Sep. 07, 2013 @ 11:04 AM

Sherry and Julia Larson

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Serving Durham and Orange Counties

Volunteer for 7 years

Sherry and Julia Larson, a mother-daughter team, worked on the sales floor of the ReStore in the book section. They have been a pivotal part of increasing book sales: The two process about 800 books a weekend. They have provided impeccable customer service to visitors who come in on the ReStore’s busiest days - Saturdays. 

Both have also been helpful in the redevelopment of the ReStore’s book section, evaluating the process and making suggestions. Sherry and Julia are a great example for other families. Julia volunteered through her senior year at Jordan High School and is attending DePaul University in Chicago.

Sherry and Julia Larson, thank you for giving your time and your skills to help make the Habitat for Humanity ReStore a better fund-raising arm for affordable housing.