Volunteer of the Week

Jan. 11, 2014 @ 11:31 AM

Barbara Blue

Junior Leadership Durham

Volunteer for 4 years

Barbara Blue, a retired educator, continues to develop leadership skills in the Durham youth who participate in Junior Leadership Durham. She created the curriculum and facilitates the sessions of what have come to called the “-ATE’s” – referring to motivate, appreciate, delegate, negotiate, create, educate, innovate and communicate.

Using interactive, experiential activities, Barbara has a great rapport with the students. She is a role model for everyone who witnesses her leadership skills. Always wanting to evaluate and to improve the program, Barbara is willing to act of her own suggestions. “When she sees a need, she strives to find a solution that works for all involved in the program-board members, students and parents.”

Thank you, Barbara Blue, for continuing to mentor and teach our young people long after your retirement!