Volunteer of the Week

Jan. 04, 2014 @ 11:42 AM

Sandy Demeree

Durham Community Land Trust

Volunteer for 6 years

Sandy Demeree serves as secretary of the Durham Community Land Trust’s board of directors, chair of the Community and Resident Education Committee, and member of the West End Neighborhood Association. In these capacities, Sandy engages and encourages residents to identify and help resolve issues in the area. She is a “shining example of how to resolve problems instead of standing by and merely complaining about them,” writes Selina Mack.

Sandy created a neighborhood garden for the West End community to allow children a special place to learn and play. The children have learned an appreciation of nature and also have learned about trust, leadership and collaboration. She ensures that the residents know about resources that could positively impact their lives, such as a weatherization and energy program.

Sandy Demeree, your reach spreads through your community. Thank you for caring enough to help improve the lives of others.