Volunteer of the Week

Jan. 25, 2014 @ 12:28 PM

Beatty Family


Volunteer for 3 years

Carolyn, Marisa, Frank and Collin Beatty are dedicated to the most difficult, abandoned dogs and cats. They are extra eyes and ears, helping to keep the kennels and cat rooms happy and healthy places. Their dependability and knowledge in animal care are reassuring to the staff and animals alike as they train and work with these four-legged creatures.

Volunteer Manager Katy McClure writes, “The entire family shows the rare combination of compassion, excellent judgement, boundless energy and good spirits – they are superb and rare volunteers.” Their friendly, well-spoken nature and giftedness in animal care make them wonderful ambassadors at community events. Mother and daughter put together a Happy Tales Book, telling the stories of hundreds of adopted pets, including pictures and quotes.

Thank you, Beatty family, for the hours you spend caring about these small creatures and sharing yourselves with the community!