Volunteer of the Week

Aug. 03, 2013 @ 11:17 AM

Julian Ballen

Durham First In Families

Volunteer for 1 year

Julian Ballen will venture to UNC-Greensboro this month. This accomplishment may seem normal for someone his age, but Julian has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Julian has committed himself to being a self-advocate and giving his best to all his endeavors, including volunteerism.

Julian greets everyone he serves with a warm smile! He is an artist, a self-advocate and an essential volunteer to Durham First In Families (DFIF). He accompanies staff to outreach events to promote their work, attends monthly meetings to advocate DFIF to the community, and assists with fundraisers, such as passing out prizes at BINGO, greeting families at a food drive and sorting and organizing donations for Durham families. 

Julian Ballen embodies the DFIF principle of “giving back” to the community through volunteerism. Thank you Julain and Good Luck at UNC-G!