Butner celebrates Veterans Day

Nov. 19, 2013 @ 11:50 AM

The Town of Butner held its Veterans Day service Nov.11 at the Soldiers Memorial Sports Arena to “honor all who served in our nation’s  armed forces.”

The service opened with music to settle the crowd of around 400. Mayor Tom Lane welcomed everyone, including our state legislators, Sen. Floyd McKissick Jr. and Rep. W.A. (Winkie) Wilkins, along with many local officials, mayors and city and county commissioners.

After the invocation, three seventh and eighth graders from local middle schools read their winning essays as to what Veteran's Day means.  

The winners and their  prizes –- iTunes gift cards -- were: First place, Emily Holloway ($100); second, Emily Wright ($50); Raven Turner ($25).

 We then paid tribute to our veterans, first with a music salute to the military branches.  The program recognized two 94-year-olds as the oldest veterans in attendance and a 27-year-old as the youngest.

Keynote speaker James Sansom gave a first-hand account of a World War II veteran.  It contained many personal touches, such as hiking to Creedmoor and Oxford while training at Camp Butner,driving his ambulance ashore at Normandy and being captured by the enemy.

One touching story was about an ID bracelet his sweetheart and future wife gave him while he was at Camp Butner.  When he was captured it fell down his sleeve as his hands were up in the air.  This saved it from being stolen by the Germans.  His son now has that ID bracelet and wears it 24/7.

After the benediction, Terry Turner closed with remarks about Veteran's pride and a poem, "It is the Veteran."