Week 8:
Aug. 08, 2013 @ 10:39 AM

Game 1: (2-6)Wolves 34 vs. (4-4)Hornets 52

The Wolves had to compete with only 5 players however surprisingly the were matching the Hornets offense, point by point. The Wolves’ coaches became too critical on their players and it seemed to take their spirit and momentum. The Hornets began a rally and put the game away. As a spectator the blame for this loss should be given to the Wolves’ coaching staff.

Game 2: (0-8)Bulls 29 vs. (2-6)Bandits 54

The Bandits are looking strong under the new leadership of Coach Stewart. They looked like they are ready for the playoffs and the Bulls still remains winless. Bandits’ Kinique Walters scored 21pts. and Demetre Johnson had a double double with 13pts. and 10rbs.

Game 3: (1-7)Force 13 vs. (4-4)Horsemen 55

The Force was wounded without their #1 draft pick Raekwon Scott and they were simply no match for the Horsemen. The Horsemen, Johnny Whitted lead all scorers  with 16pts in this unchallenged one-sided battle.

Game 4: (6-2)Nuggets 36 vs. (8-0)DONS 44

One of the most anticipated games of the season, the Nuggets and the DONS battled from the start. After a questionable call from the referee that favored the DONS the Nuggets began to unravel. Technical fouls were called and the Nuggets coach and player were ejected from the game. The DONS kept their heads in the game and took a substantial lead to secure their undefeated record. Although the Nuggets are good, it was obvious that they need to work on their sportsmanship.

Game 5: (5-3)Rattlers 30 vs. (8-0)Knights 34

A low scoring battle but by far one of the best games of the season. Both teams displayed relentless defense and both teams played hard until the final buzzer. Xavior Jones of the Knights lead all scorers with 16pts.

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