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Sep. 12, 2013 @ 11:36 AM

Wellness is a state of mind and an act of being. It takes dedication and strength and focus of spirit and body to assume a life of wellness.
In opening her second business in Hillsborough, Paula Huffman, hopes to continue to grow her love of yoga and mental and physical wellness as well as therapy from healing arts, for those who enter her newest studio in town. On Margaret Lane, near the library, Hillsborough Yoga & Healing Arts is now open with Huffman taking a step forward in her passion of sharing the healing benefits of yoga and art.
“I had come to town to eat lunch and I never park in the garage. As I was walking past this house, I noticed the for-rent sign and decided to call the owner and inquire about renting,” Huffman said. The original location for her company is and remains off Millstone Drive on the southern part of town. “We have a full studio and wellness center as well as a local artist gallery where we display and sell local productions on consignment,” she said.
In opening the studio in town, Huffman is seeking to further advance her sense of healing and strengthening a person’s life through yoga and other wellness processes.
Huffman grew up in Lexington and attended Appalachian State, where she studied special education. She taught for a few years before moving to Chapel Hill in 1981 to pursue a degree in nursing. “I had a deep interest in childhood education and pre- and postnatal yoga,” says Huffman. At the time the concept of easing the worries of an expected mother and also teaching ways to manage the strains of pregnancy, through yoga, was very new and very little of it was being taught.
“I used my nursing training and experience to help mothers become more aware, from a holistic approach, of the changes their bodies were undergoing and more importantly, how to cope with these changes,” Huffman said.
As a trained Doula, Huffman followed her interest in perinatal and postnatal yoga and expanded her interest in working with mothers.
For Huffman, sharing her knowledge has always been a keen part of her life. In the 1990s, Huffman founded Whole Beginnings, formally Childbirth Education Alternatives, as a mechanism to deliver her formal training and interest in yoga to others. Five years ago, this October, Huffman ventured forward, along with her daughter, Judith, in opening the Beckett’s Ridge location on Millstone Drive.
“We offer something unique here: From yoga classes to wellness classes, to our Local Visions Retail shop, where customers can purchase items ranging from salves and meditation benches to locally made art and organic skin care products, to services from licensed chiropractors, massage therapists, psychotherapist, and Pilates instruction. We do everything from supporting local artist and craftsmen to teaching wellness workshops and incorporating the idea of a healthy mind and body philosophy to our customers,” Huffman said.
From her downtown studio, Huffman is seeking to expand services that will appeal to those living nearby or working nearby.
“One of the classes I am very excited to offer is a lunch-and-learn where we teach theories such as stress management and other wellness advice. I am hoping this appeals to those that work in the immediate area and that they can come to the studio and eat lunch while learning something valuable for their life,” Huffman said.
For both of her studios, Huffman is satisfied that she has many instructors of various levels and that a class exists for everyone, no matter what their experience is in yoga or other wellness expressions. Though she committed herself to caring for the public through her experience as a childhood educator and a nurse, Huffman has maintained her principle passion of sharing how a healthy mind and body can have fruitful outcomes for a person’s life.
Huffman is seeking to expand her services through both locations while continuing to share the healing and preventive measures that are akin to health and wellness. Huffman believes that her studios provide an opportunity for a person to become in shape through mental as well as physical wellness.


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