Letters to the editor

Apr. 04, 2013 @ 09:25 PM

Orange commissioners must find way to keep curbside recycling

We have been residents of Carrboro and Chapel Hill since 1995. It has come to our family's attention that the curbside recycling program in Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Hillsborough is in danger of being eliminated or privatized with a separate fee. Recycling in our area has been a tremendous success, with recycling compliance that is the highest in the state. The service has been seamless and convenient and covered by a simple annual fee on our property taxes. It has been a shining example of our community's commitment to the environment.

Due to the inability of our elected officials to make a sensible decision about the landfill, we will soon be sending our landfill waste on an expensive journey outside the county. Without "free" curbside recycling, much that is currently recycled will end up taking that journey too. This is the epitome of foolish choices for the long-term health of our budget and the environment. I believe that curbside recycling is not a negotiable service, it is essential.

I urge my fellow county residents to call on the Board of Commissioners to find a way to KEEP RECYCLING CURBSIDE to all households, as it has been for all these years.


Shelley Higgins