Gas line being installed in downtown Carrboro

Apr. 04, 2013 @ 09:22 PM

Crews were scheduled to begin work on installing a new gas main on Roberson Street this past week, and the work is expected to take about four to six weeks to complete.

The Public Service Gas Company of North Carolina is replacing the existing gas line that will be abandoned to accommodate the upcoming Roberson Street Sanitary Sewer Project.

The area for the gas main is behind the downtown businesses on Main Street, where there are a number of parking lots for those businesses between Maple Avenue and Sweet Bay Place.

The area is also in front of the South Orange Rescue Squad building at 202 Roberson St. The rescue squad provides EMS and other emergency services to the community.

The gas line work will occur Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and it is expected that motorists can anticipate minor delays. The street is expected to remain open to traffic and pedestrians, although there will be times when driveways are blocked.

David Poythress, the Carrboro Street superintendent, said that town and construction crews have been collaborating with the South Orange Rescue Squad about the work.

The squad is located on the south side of Roberson and most of the work will be done on the north side of the street, he said.

“We’re always in contact with them,” Poythress said, adding that crews will be communicating with the squad on a daily basis.

If the street is temporarily blocked when an ambulance needs to leave the site, it can go out the rear entrance to Carr Street, Poythress said.

In other Carrboro road news, utility work is being done along Smith Level Road, from the bridge near the N.C. 54 interchange up to Rock Haven Road, in anticipation of widening the road.

“It’s utility work taking place at this point,” Poythress said of the N.C. Department of Transportation project. “There’s a lot of utility work.”

A new sewer line, power lines and communication lines are being installed, he said.

“It’s like threading a needle,” Poythress said.

There have been some delays for motorists along that route, but usually they have been just for short periods of time as a truck or piece of equipment moves, he said.

The other area in Carrboro where workers may stop traffic for short periods is where West Franklin Street meets East Main Street as trucks bring in sections of concrete for a new parking deck at 301 East Main Street.

“So far, it doesn’t seem to be causing a problem,” he said.