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Feb. 16, 2013 @ 10:34 PM

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Anyone can point and click. However, it takes a special eye to gesture and capture.
For a photographer, a moment captured by the shutter of a camera may be the most memorable moment in the life of a human. There are really more than a thousand words to describe memorable photos. Yet for photographer Kate Turner Pope of the village of Efland, one word captures what she captures at the click of a shutter: creativity.
“I believe that you can teach the technical skills of how to take pictures, but a photographic eye is truly born to a person,” says Pope of her photography business, Craven Creative Photography.
Pope is the oldest of four children and she was born near Charlottesville, Va.
N.C. State University Wolfpack fans might recall her father, Todd Turner, who served as the athletic director to the big red machine in Raleigh. Educated at the western end of tobacco road at Wake Forest, Pope made her career as a paralegal in the Chapel Hill area.
As is often the case, her career and her passion became tussling forces and with experience in videography and a niche for creative expression, Pope became fascinated by photography as a hobby.
“My mother was an amateur photographer and I just enjoyed taking pictures,” says Pope. Upon taking classes and learning through error and error and error and then success, Pope moved her hobby into a venture in 2010 and established Craven Creative Photography.
“It was my sister’s fault,” Pope says. “She encouraged me and said that I had an eye for moving moments into tangible memories,” Pope says humbly.
Even though passion and a borne vision for angles, light and setting were strengths, Pope was nervous the first time she was hired by a client. However, soon her nervous energy became palpable praise as clients referred her and became emotional with the finished touches of her work.
Like other artists, photographers must learn their voice and capitalize on what speaks their passions most eloquently. “I am honest. I edit lightly and I believe that it is important for the person to look like the person while looking good. I am incredibly focused on moments, and interaction, especially the interaction between father and child and mother and child, and I must admit father-daughter interactions bring out my voice the most. I don’t shoot landscapes but my expertise is interaction with the client,” says Pope.
Along the way, Pope has crafted her creative spirit in such a way to replicate the moment with an eye for emotion, magnified by a lens. Her passion is family, maternity, children and newborn. “The youngest newborn I ever shot was my niece, who was all of 20 minutes old,” Pope says.
Though she captures moments, Pope has also established a passion for sharing how to capture moments, too.  Through a series of workshops, sessions or one-on-one tutorials, Pope teaches photography skills and techniques and shares her talents with those who are eager to learn.
“I established Click as a way to inspire others and to share my talents with clients and customers,” says Pope. “Through my Click workshops people can sign up for free to be part of a newsletter circulation and also be aware of upcoming events. There are special deals available through this membership, and more importantly being a member or client through Click encourages the client to actually follow through on capturing life’s moments through photography.”
Twice a year there are full-day workshops and an upcoming mini-session in Chapel Hill is planned for Click. 
Interaction, for Pope, is the lifeblood of her photography business. Upon accepting a client, Pope allows the moment and the relationship to carry forth into how she allows the photo shoot to occur. “I really work in the moment. If I am working with children, I will engage them and shoot the photographs simultaneously and we have so much fun, all while them not really being aware that I am taking pictures,” says Pope.
And while she focuses on family and the life moment of children, Pope is selective regarding wedding work. “I am appropriately particular and I like to have a good feeling about any job I accept, as it pertains to weddings,” Pope says.
Since beginning her business, the business of photography has grown and her creative energy is providing the sustenance needed for capturing-moments to be her expressive passion. With a leap of faith and a grasp of her photographic voice, Pope is pausing her career as a paralegal and is embarking on the journey as a full time photographer.
“I am letting my energy and my interaction between people and the captured images serve as my way forward,” says Pope. Though she admits there is some anxiety in growing a business, Pope is spirited in her quest to use her creative ways to both capture moments and also teach others how to capture life, too. “I see it as both a service and a way to stay in touch with my clients, through my workshops and how Click is used in my business,” says Pope.
It is through her eyes as a photographer that Kate Pope began to see the clarity in her passion and resource for freezing a moment, forever. On her journey, Pope will not point and click. Instead, she will gesture, capture, interact and share.
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