Dec. 08, 2012 @ 01:25 PM

Man victimized by scam artists
CARRBORO – Police are investigating a scam in which a 33-year-old man was tricked by a caller who pretended to be an attorney for the Internal Revenue Service.
The man told police that he received a call from a man who identified himself as Carlos Esmit telling him that if he did not pay $780 to the IRS, he would be taken to court.
The victim was then transferred to another line, where a woman, who claimed she was an accountant, asked for his driver’s license number and his Social Security number.
The woman gave him the option of sending the money to one of three countries, Peru, Japan or Ireland. The victim chose Peru.
The woman told the victim that the money would go to a foundation that helps children, so the man obtained a $780 money order through Western Union and sent the money.
Man thinks ‘it’s cool’
CARRBORO – On Tuesday, a police officer was asked to help encourage an extremely intoxicated man to leave a downtown coffee shop.
The officer entered the Open Eye Cafe and asked the man to leave several times. Each time the officer asked him to leave, the man said, “It’s cool,” and continued to sit in the chair, according to a police report.
Finally the store employee trespassed the man from the property, and when informed of that, the intoxicated man said, “It’s cool.”
The officer then escorted him off the property.
The man walked away and as he did, the man’s friend told the officer that the man was leaving the next day for Charlotte.
—From staff reports