Chase and capture

Apr. 05, 2014 @ 12:24 PM

“I am a location photographer; I am all about the visual appeal of a setting,” said Bethany Cubino.
Her images are on display against the reclaimed and refined look of a brick-wall inside the Cup-A-Joe coffee shop in Hillsborough. At first glance, one would assume the people she has framed, are the subjects of a particular image.
However, with further assessment and an encouragement to allow the mind to free and to take in the whole context of a scene, the landscape and landmarks from where Cubino shot her images is bold, underlined, and in italics as the focus of her photography.
Cubino, lives in Mebane, and spends her days working with kindergartners and evenings as a barista at Cup-A-Joe. She is chasing her dream to become a full-time photographer.  “Sometimes I am racing the sun because I know it has an emotional effect on a particular place. I am always seeking interesting and cool places to shoot and expose the creative detail of a particular place,” Cubino said. “I absolutely love the charm and mystique of a run-down building or landscape because I am able to find my place their and it becomes inspirational.”
In forming her business, Chasing Skies Photography, Cubino is not only chasing, she is beginning to grasp onto dreams and all of this is captured in the prism of her camera.
“The backdrop of a setting is what is most important to me,” Cubino said. Upon deciding to display her work, Cubino did so in a manner that would appeal to the creative and inspired feelings received through capturing an image; the photograph and the person and the frame are all cohesively affixed together to further expose her artistic eye.
“The part I love most is the people and working with them to find their artistic expression. It is amazing to create an image, from a scene, that tells the true story of that person,” Cubino said. Upon deciding which images would be displayed, Cubino seized the opportunity to further her creative talents by also personally framing each photograph. “I went to thrift stores and used found materials to make the frames for the photographs. I am very independent and I was up until 3 a.m. in the morning working to make each frame for the photos I selected to display,” Cubino said.
For Cubino, the allure to photograph people and places is an influential parallel to how she lives her life through the lens. “For me, using my art and gifts is a form of ministry to people in seeing how they react to a finished product or what I have captured on film, it is just very special to see the reaction from people,” Cubino said. “Seeing my artwork on display and recalling the steps I took to get to this place is very rewarding and it encourages me to keep pressing forward and to hopefully one day capture my dream of photography full-time.”
Through her photography and personal sense of what is in focus and what is not, Cubino hopes she will eventually reach her dream, arriving by cloud as seen through the lens of her camera.


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