Style coach has found her calling

Jul. 31, 2014 @ 01:13 PM

The idea of fashioning a house into a home has always been one of the great exercises in home ownership. From painting a wall to window treatment to the simple addition of an end table, candle and framed picture can express who the owners are.
“I just try to help people create nurturing spaces,” says interior designer Meighan Carmichael. She received her accounting degree from East Carolina University and became a CPA. Then Carmichael spent time on the West Coast before moving into a house in 2007 in Hillsborough, which is still her home. “I was not meant to be a CPA. But, I was definitely meant to be an interior designer; this is what I am supposed to do,” Carmichael said.
So Meighan Carmichael Creative Design Solutions was formed. “I help people decorate. More importantly, I coach them into discovering a style they are seeking. That’s what sets my business apart. I help an individual find that one common theme in their home that makes them an individual,” Carmichael said.
Carmichael happened upon her profession. “I had helped friends and kept enjoying it and they encouraged me to do this; it felt like the right thing to do and most importantly, I enjoy it and that is what’s really important,” she said.
Of her style, Carmichael said she floats between traditional and historic and contemporary and any project in between.
“I’ve been hired to help decorate for a function or a party and just help stage things in a home; that is really fun work,” Carmichael said.
Carmichael said she has enjoyed learning to help others find their style. “I keep coming back to really enjoying the process of working with someone and helping them to discover a style that works for them,” she said. “One of the ideas that I stress to people is that there is no reason to settle on a décor or style. Our spaces and life is always changing and we should be able to adapt to those changes in how we present a room or our home. We have new experiences every year and each builds a mosaic of who we are.”
A key part of the process, Carmichael said, is talking with her clients about what they want. “The idea of getting to know a client and working with them is more about listening to what their vision is and how I can help them to see that and obtain it and the finished product is something they want to live with, not have to live with,” Carmichael said.

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